Thursday, January 15, 2015

Momma is a computer hog!

We have tried to sneak a post in here and there and Mom just isn't getting away from the computer at all. I have been picking on Ladybug lately and Mom has also cut back my treats. One of these days I am going to get more than two lines before she gets out of the bathroom!

Monday, May 27, 2013

My afghan is done!

She finally finished my afghan. She put it in the wheel chair to take it to show her friends so I had to go along to make sure none of them got any designs on my blanket. Don't I just look beautiful on my new colorful afghan. Now if She would just stop moving it around the apartment I could get some sleep on it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

We finally got the computer again!

 These are the bears She started making one day close to Christmas. They each have a name a birth certificate and they are signed on the bottom and their serial number is on their bottom too! She has spent many hours at the sewing machine to make these for people who live and work here where we all make our home now. This one was made for the maintenance lady who has fixed our toilet several times. I guess I better stop flushing my cat toys down the toilet!

The orchid one was made for the maintenance lady who has fixed our toilet several times. I guess I better stop flushing my cat toys down the toilet! These were made as Christmas Presents for the staff here where we all live. The one on the left was made for Paula and the other two were made for John the repair man and Lisa the office manager.

 The purple one She has kept for herself so far. Lots of people have oohed and awed over it but it is still sitting in a chair here in the apartment.  We snuggle up with this one and the blue one on days she has to go to the city on the bus and is gone all day. These first two She hasn't given away and the really bright one went to a resident that is lonely living alone here but doesn't want to move back in with her kids. She has a kitty and she comes to visit us once in awhile.

 These were both Christmas presents for two of the ladies that live here. The blue one was for our friend Kelly that comes around in one of those mobile chairs and has a wooden leg! We have never seen a wooden leg on a human and find it fascinating. The one with hummingbirds on it was for a very shy nice lady that feeds the hummingbirds and has four parrots in her apartment.

 The pink one was made for a lady whose son comes everyday to care for her. She is older and hardly ever comes out of her apartment and she has a little yapper dog so we NEVER go visiting her in her apartment. But she loves the bear she was given.
The Purple print one went to a lady who was having a real bad week because She found out that the lady collects bears. The one in the middle was made for a lady that helps people put their lives back together. She is helping our human not to be so aggressive and mean to people.
 These two were made when our oldest resident suddenly passed away at 96. The one on the left went to the lady's Great Granddaughter that came here to visit very week. She took it to the funeral and held it all day because she really missed her GG. The other one went to the lady that always drove the 96 year old lady around all the time. She was a good friend and needed a friend that would not pass away and I believe the bear is being a very good friend to the lady.

 These two bears were for a pair of Sisters. They have both lived in this area for their entire life and they each have their own apartment. The one with the necklace and pansy print fabric was for the older sister who always dresses up and wears lots of bling bling. The other sister is a bit plainer and hardly ever dresses up but she is a nice lady too. They really loved their bears.
 This one was made out of vintage fabric for the lady that runs the lunch room here. She is in her 70s and yet she runs the place better than a younger woman could. She loved her bear as did the two helpers that got one too but I can't find the photo of those right now. She is in bed asleep and I can't really wake her up and ask where the photos of 2 of the bears are!
The bear in the middle was made special for a lady on her 90th birthday. She had seen several of the bears but didn't know she would be getting one for her birthday. Now she has the bear on her bed in her apartment. So many of the young people at her birthday party wanted the bear I don't know how long the lady will have it. She is a very nice lady and has a hard time telling any of the young ones no. But she loves that bear so much she just might learn to tell them no.

The bears have kept HER busy but she has read us lots of books too. First SHE read us a book called Princess. It was a very good book that told about how horrible woman are treated in Saudi Arabia. Then SHE read us Princess Sultana's Daughters that was a sequel to the first book. Then SHE read us Princess Sultana's Circle. They were all really good books but very intense. Now she is reading us the book The Help. It is funny to hear HER talk in a funny accent but she makes the book fun by really getting into the characters. Next I think she is planning to read us a murder mystery because someone gave her a whole box of them. Oh no the toilet just flushed and ladybug is right next to me ....Got to go for now

L E Oot

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

She is Back!

She has been leaving the house everyday to work on a quilt. We like it better when she works on a quilt here in our home but then we keep curling up on the quilt while she works. For the past two weeks she has been leaving us for many hours a day and she is finally finished with the quilt. So now she is reading to us and treating us real special. You know it was a very pretty quilt and we wanted to help with it but she wouldn't let us. Now today is Halloween and she has a bunch of rubber ducks in costumes for the kids that come to trick or treat. She also has chocolate for them. Most of the time She is a very nice human. Here is a picture of the quilt she abandoned us for!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mobile Snuggle place

She doesn't use this chair much anymore so we laid claim to it. She still uses it from time to time to carry laundry and packages but most of the time we are curled up in it. The weather has turned cold so She doesn't open the windows as much as she used to but we don't like the windows open when it is cold out there. Oh oh I hear the key in the to go for now more later.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

We've Been Invaded!

Finally at 2 am She went to bed! She was snoring in a matter of minutes. When She snores loud we stay in the living room. Shortly after She started snoring there was a lot of noise outside the big window that slides to open and there was a jolly little man all dressed in red carrying a big sack. One minute he was outside the window and next minute he was inside. Ladybug booked for the bedroom but I hid under the loveseat and watched. He pulled two packages out and put them under the Christmas tree. Then he vanished into thin air.
Of Course I had to check out the packages and make sure they were okay. They smelled heavenly so I pulled the paper off them and found toys! Catnip Toys in pink and blue. Well She was asleep so first I tried hollering but She has learned to ignore that. So I drug the packages in on the bed so She could wake up and open them for me. That didn't work either so I fell asleep on the package of pink toys and figured I would wait for Her to wake up and open the package for me.

At some point during the night Ladybug stole the blue package and took it back into the living room and curled up with it on the loveseat. When She finally woke up I was still sleeping on the pink toys and Ladybug was still sleeping on the blue toys. She opened both of the packages and I immediately claimed both of the big catnip mouses. But then Ladybug claimed both the little catnip mouses so I guess that's only fair. I have spent the entire day playing with my new babies and once in a while I try to sneak the 2 that Ladybug claimed but she keeps whomping me for looking at them. Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait until Ladybug is sleeping and then hide them from her. 

OMG I forgot to tell Her about the little fat man who appeared in the apartment and then disappeared. She isn't going to be happy when She finds out that someone can get into the apartment without a key and even with Her bars in the window tracks! Maybe I shouldn't even mention him at all. What She doesn't know can't hurt her...At least I think he can't!

L E Oot